Silverware Caddy

About two months ago I was reading my ReadyMade magazine and came across this cute idea. If you have ever long for more free magazine subscriptions then you can read then check out some of the money saving blogs...I now get emails like crazy from rewards gold about magazines and get everything from Martha Stewart to Builder magazines completely free. Anyway back to the cute idea, so they had a six pack holder converted into a silverware/condiment caddy. First you cover the whole thing in duct tape to make it nice and sturdy. Then they suggested using wrapping paper, but I only had scrapbooking paper on hand (in a print I liked) so I went to work covering it in that . I did notice with the scrapbooking paper being thicker I had some bad edges so I grabbed a bag of random ribbon and started covering the edges. So now for just stuff I had on hand I know have a cute caddy to use when entertaining and it only took an hour (including all the time I had my 4 year old asking questions and seeing if he could help).And I am still working on the yellow bathroom. Hopefully, be ready to reveal it soon. It did have to get to a presentable state for Friday night when we had some people over, but still has painting of all the trim to really finish up. The brightness of the yellow does not shine through in this picture so I'll have to try better lightening for the final picture.